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Shadow Minister Explores PMT Refinery’s Commitment to Queensland’s Precious Metal Industry

On the morning of Tuesday, December 12th at PMT Refinery facilities, we welcomed the current Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Mr. Patrick Weir. The objective of the visit was to gain a better understanding of PMT Refinery’s mission, vision, facilities, refining processes, and services.

PMT Refinery is a privately owned precious metals company. Our current directors have invested in new technologies and the highest quality equipment. Another investment was made in highly trained and experienced personnel to provide outstanding services and achieve international standards within the industry.

“Our main goal is to provide Queensland mines and Queenslanders in general a physical refinery in the region to refine their precious metals.” Said the Refinery Director Jeremy Reid. Mr. Weir also had the opportunity to meet the team and see that PMT Refinery is committed to the environment by reducing the impact of our refining practices.

“At PMT Refinery we aspire to create Job opportunities and provide training and apprenticeship options to the #Australian workforce.” Explained PMT’s Marketing Manager.

PMT Refinery is your Trusted Precious Metals Refinery in Queensland. Visit to learn more.

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