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    This agreement is current and effective between PMT Pty Ltd​ (Recipient), and

  • Agrees that the purchase of precious metals will be covered by this agreement for orders placed after 1 July 2016.

  • Under current legislation, all good and services being sold must come under an agreement between the purchaser (recipient) and the seller (supplier). The following guidelines apply:

    1. PMT Pty Ltd​ acknowledges that it is registered for GST when it enters into this agreement.

  • when they enter into this agreement. (Please tick applicable box.)

    3. PMT Pty Ltd ​ will notify the supplier if it ceases to be registered for GST.

    4. The client/supplier will notify PMT Pty Ltd if their GST status changes.

    5. PMT Pty Ltd​ will issue a Recipient Created Tax Invoice for the precious metals which have been purchased.

    6. PMT Pty Ltd​ will issue the original or a copy of the RCTI to the supplier within 28 days of transaction which states the value of the goods and the actual GST amount.

    7. The client/supplier will not ​issue tax invoices for the precious metals being sold to PMT Pty Ltd

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