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PMT are respected Australia-wide as suppliers of gold and silver bullion, making them a great choice for anyone wanting professional service and support.


We produce gold and silver bullion that are consistent with international standards*, guaranteeing the integrity of your investment.
*99.99% pure gold and 99.9% or more purity for silver.

Bullion Bars

PMT gold and silver bullion comes in a range of sizes, allowing you to puchase the weight you require for your portfolio.Order Online »

Investing In Gold Bullion Bars & Gold Coins

A reliable investment in these uncertain economic times

Precious metals like gold and silver and platinum tend to move in directions opposite of the market. If there's a market drop (like in 2008), gold prices tend to rise.

Investing in Gold Bullion Bars & Gold Coins

PMT can advise you on all aspects of production, buying, selling and storage of bullion. We refine the gold and silver here in Queensland and pour the pure metal into investment bars.

  • Value

    While other investments fail due to national or global effects, gold holds its value consistently. High demand and finite supply has seen the gold price steadily increase with time.

  • Converts to Cash Quickly

    The high liquidity of gold means it can readily convert to cash wherever and whenever needed.

  • Globally Recognised

    The internationally recognised gold price means it is worth the same in virtually all countries.

  • Balance Your Investment Portfolio

    While cash, stock, bonds and property are popular investments, gold may provide improved stability and balance to an investment portfolio.

  • GST Free

    Gold, silver and platinum bullion is GST free and duty-free so when you make a purchase, there is no loss to tax.

  • Durability

    The robust nature of the metal and its chemical stability allow it to survive harsh environments such as burial, fire, earthquake, submersion, etc. It will still be there in its original and valuable form when many other things are lost!

Gold Refining | PMT Refinery, Queensland, Australia

Invest In Bullion

Contact us for prices and procedures for investing in bullion.

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