Earphones will never be the same!

Swarovski recently held a Lifestyles Elecronics Design Competition to uncover the latest trends in personalising everyday electronic items. More than 2,500 designers entered the competition with Swarovski gems incorporated into designs for mobile phones, mp3 players, notebook, earphones and loudspeakers. The categories included ‘Highly Luxurious’, ‘Daily Business’, ‘Let’s Party’ and ‘Casual Sports’. You can see […]

Meet John Harrison, Gold Coast Jewellery Designer

In a world of mass production and compromised quality, there remains an ever shrinking community of true artisans. Designers, creators and innovators who enjoy the thrill of a ‘blank canvas’ on the medium of their choosing, upon which something that has never been seen before… begins to emerge. John Harrison is one such artisan. Jewellery […]