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Refining Gold: How Does a Gold Refinery Work?

Gold Refining | PMT Refinery, Queensland, Australia

Gold is processed into it’s purest form through smelting and refining. High heat, pressure and chemicals are used to remove impurities from the gold. A gold refinery receives the raw material (rock, gold nuggets, scrap gold etc) and re-liquefies the metal in a hot furnace, then adds various chemicals to the molten substance to separate […]

Earphones will never be the same!

Swarovski recently held a Lifestyles Elecronics Design Competition to uncover the latest trends in personalising everyday electronic items. More than 2,500 designers entered the competition with Swarovski gems incorporated into designs for mobile phones, mp3 players, notebook, earphones and loudspeakers. The categories included ‘Highly Luxurious’, ‘Daily Business’, ‘Let’s Party’ and ‘Casual Sports’. You can see […]

Meet John Harrison, Gold Coast Jewellery Designer

In a world of mass production and compromised quality, there remains an ever shrinking community of true artisans. Designers, creators and innovators who enjoy the thrill of a ‘blank canvas’ on the medium of their choosing, upon which something that has never been seen before… begins to emerge. John Harrison is one such artisan. Jewellery […]

How Much is My Gold Nugget Worth?

How Much is My Gold Nugget Worth?

It’s a good idea to do some research before selling or buying gold nuggets. Here’s a few things to be aware of. Refining your gold nugget will tell you exactly how much gold you have in your nugget. It could be anywhere from 60 to 98% depending on where you retrieved it from. The price […]

Jewellery Craftsmanship with Chanel

They are often not recognised for their skill and level of craftsmanship. In a mass produced world, the jewellery designer keeps alive the ancient art form of hand crafted jewellery. Enjoy this beautiful behind the scenes video The Making of the Soleil d’Automne Ring, from French jeweller Chanel which shows the making of a gemset […]

How to Determine Gold Carats

Determining Your Gold Carats

The carat system (Karat in the USA) is used to indicate the metal composition of jewellery in most countries around the world. The higher the carat the purer the gold or metal is. How the gold is used determines the amount of gold in relation to other metals. Pure gold is actually very soft, and […]

Welcome to PMT

Welcome to PMT’s website! We look forward to connecting with you and offering our expertise and knowledge in the gold refinery and precious metals industry. If you have any questions we can help you with – please email us on info@pmt.net.au and we’ll be happy to help you.