How Much is My Gold Nugget Worth?It’s a good idea to do some research before selling or buying gold nuggets. Here’s a few things to be aware of.

Refining your gold nugget will tell you exactly how much gold you have in your nugget. It could be anywhere from 60 to 98% depending on where you retrieved it from. The price is determined by the current gold spot price multiplied by the gold’s purity less your refining and assay fee. Find today’s gold spot price here.

If you’re selling to other gold nugget collectors, then appearance is important. When prospecting, be gentle as damage from your pick can actually reduce the value of the nugget. Use your metal detector to pin point the location of your nugget and dig carefully! For collectors, the look of gold nugget can be just as important for determining price as the percentage of gold it contains.

A specimen gold nugget is a matrix of gold and other rock, usually quartz or ironstone (in Australia). If the gold to rock ratio is high, and the shape shows off a lot of the gold at the surface, your nugget can hold a higher value. The largest specimen gold nugget in the world to this date is the Holterman Nugget found in Australia at Hill End, NSW in 1872 weighing in at 285 kg.

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