Scrap Jewellery

Sell Your Scrap Gold Jewellery Direct

Trying to find the best price for your scrap gold jewellery? Deal direct with PMT, an authentic gold refinery, and depending on the quality you will receive between 96% – 98% of the world spot price (plus GST if applicable).

If you have old or broken jewellery buried in your drawers and gathering dust at home, bring them in for an accurate evaluation and conversion to cash. Compared to other scrap gold buyers, we are able to consistently pay the best price for your gold or silver jewellery.

Alternatively, if your old jewellery has sentimental value and you would like it made into a fresh piece then send it to us and we can extract and purify the gold so your jeweller can work with it to create your new design. This way you still have the gold you love but in a fresh new design you can wear proudly.

I have been doing business with PMT for the last two years and found Alan and John to be great guys to deal with whether I have have been selling gold or just asking for information. – Paul Brown, GGD PTY LTD

Pile of gold scrap jewellery in Queensland

Get the best price for your Scrap Gold Jewellery with PMT Refinery

Simple Steps to Sell Your Scrap Gold Jewellery

  1. Considering the current high price for gold, your jewellery may be worth more than you think!  So decide, is it best to sell your broken jewellery as scrap rather than paying to have it repaired or replaced?
  2. Next, weigh your jewellery and estimate its worth. (Your 9 carat jewellery contains 37.5% gold and 18 carat contains 75% gold.) Note: The gold price is generally quoted as a troy ounce which is equal to 31.1 grams.
  3. To get the highest rate for your gold and a quick turn-a-round, sell directly to a refinery rather than via a wholesaler or kiosk. Make sure you compare prices.
  4. Your final step is to call us toll-free on 1300 733 463 so we can help you arrange delivery and payment for your scrap gold jewellery.

Check out our Sellers Guide for more information. Along with your order, please complete and return either one of following forms: Statement by a Supplier Form or ABN Declaration.