Recover & Recycle Gold Scrap in Queensland

Precious Metals Recovery from Scraps & Low Grade Sources

Did You Know… Precious metal recovery and recycling from scraps and low-grade sources can yield a surprising return? PMT offer an efficient recovery and recycling service for manufacturing jewellers.

PMT can process your workshop scraps, lemels, floor sweeps and sink sludge (all grades and volumes accepted). We can also recover precious metals from low-grade sources such carpet, air conditioner filters, chairs and more.

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Employee melting precious metals to recycle gold scrap in Queensland

How to Recycle Gold Scrap

The refining process allows recycled gold to be as useful as the day it was mined, for use in jewellery manufacture or electronics.

Scrap gold is sorted and weighed, any hazardous material is disposed properly and the scrap prepared for smelting.

The gold scrap is melted under very high and controlled heat, and turns to liquid. In liquid form, the impurities and other metals can be separated, as each has unique properties and densities.

The melted gold can now be reformed, shaped and cooled into the required size and weight and karat, ready to use once again.

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